Norske Skog to appoint Amund Saxrud as COO, creates new management position for strategic projects

21 May 2019 − 

Following the latest change at the helm of the company, Norway's publication paper producer Norske Skog will see more organisational changes in the coming days and weeks.

Amund Saxrud, managing director of the Norske Skog Skogn mill, will be appointed as new chief operating officer (COO) of the Norske Skog group. According to Norske Skog, Saxrud is said to continue in his current position at the Skogn mill until new managing director for the site has been appointed.

The nomination of the new COO is reportedly an important step towards strengthening the group's activities at the seven mills in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. "In a time of fierce competition in the industry, Amund Saxrud's extensive operational experience will be important in the further efforts to strengthen the competitiveness of the group's mills," says CEO Sven Ombudstvedt.

Tore Hansesætre, who has been serving as COO of Norske Skog since February last year, will be appointed to a newly established position of Senior Vice-President Strategic Projects. He will be responsible for the group's industrial paper and energy projects, with the aim of further developing the mill portfolio and strengthening the follow-up investments, Norske Skog says. Hansesætre will work on realising the boiler projects at the Bruck and Golbey mills in Austria and France, and will have corporate responsibility for strategic energy deliveries. In addition, he will be entrusted to develop the opportunities for an industry consolidation, according to Norske Skog.

"After a turbulent period for Norske Skog, we are now entering a phase where we will carry out significant industrial changes. With his insight and expertise, Tore Hansesætre will lift our new projects into a new phase," CEO Sven Ombudstvedt says.

The new COO and the new SVP Strategic Projects will both report directly to the CEO Sven Ombudsvedt took up the position of the interim CEO after Nils Petter Wright stepped down in late March.

Besides Saxrud and Hansesætre, Norske Skog's corporate management will consist of Robert Wood (SVP Commercial), Rune Sollie (CFO), and Lars Sperre (SVP Strategy).

Norske Skog to present 2018 results on 22 May

Norske Skog is one the major publication paper producers worldwide with a total capacity of up to 2.7 million t of newsprint, LWC and SC paper. The company was acquired by Oceanwood Capital Management in October last year after being in financial difficulties for some time which led the company to file for bankruptcy at the end of 2017.

In late January, Norske Skog hit the headlines with the the idea of a potential conversion of its PM 3 at the Skogn mill to packaging paper and board production. Paper and printing industry players, and media representatives are waiting for the company's press conference on 22 May 2019 to be informed about the 2018 results and the way forward for the Norske Skog group.

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