Norske Skog to restart PM 2 at Skogn mill in late August

Norske Skog's Skogn mill in Norway
Source: Norske Skog
16 Aug 2013 − 

Norske Skog has set the date for the restart of the newsprint machine PM 2 at its Skogn mill. The company said it planned to resume production in the last week of August.

Norske Skog plans to restart production at the temporarily idled newsprint machine PM 2 of its Skogn mill in Norway. The machine which had been halted for market related reasons at the beginning of June would be put back into operation in the last week of August, a company spokesman told EUWID.

The spokesman said that the conditions on the market had improved which had led to the decision to restart PM 2. The company now had enough orders to fulfil, he added. Whether further stoppages will be made wholly depends on the development of the market, according to Norske Skog.

Norske Skog had implemented the production stop of PM 2 in order to create a better balance between supply and demand for newsprint in Europe. The machine has an annual capacity of 130,000 t of newsprint, according to the company. Altogether, the Skogn mill runs three machines with a combined capacity of 550,000 tpy of newsprint and improved newsprint.

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