Outnature to produce Silphie paper grades at Pfleiderer's Teisnach mill

Outnature is working to increase the content of cup plant fibres
in silphie paper production to 50 per cent.
13 Jan 2022 − 

Prezero-subsidiary Outnature has found a partner in Pfleiderer Spezialpapiere for the production of silphie paper grades.

After successfully completing the research and development phase, Outnature, a subsidiary of Germany's waste management and environmental services provider Prezero, is starting production of its silphie paper brand on an industrial scale at Pfleiderer Spezialpapiere paper mill in Teisnach. Regular production of silphie paper was to beginn in Teisnach from January 2022, the two companies announced.

Pfleiderer Spezialpapiere will produce silphie paper in basis weights of 35-120 g/m². Silphie paper grades are produced from cup plant (silphium perfoliatum) fibres which are blended with other fibres. According to Outnature, the current technology allows not only for blending with primary fibres, but now also recycled fibre can be added.

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