Pandemic’s effects accelerate downward trend on the German fine paper market in 2020

Coronavirus has hit the woodfree paper markets hard
Coronavirus has hit the woodfree paper markets hard
12 Jan 2021 − 

On the fine paper market in Germany, the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting slump in advertising activity in 2020 caused an acceleration of the existing downward trend in deliveries.

Printers in Germany experienced another collapse in order intake when Germany introduced a hard lockdown in mid-December, which includes the shuttering of non-essential stores. Some respondents from the printing industry said they received a huge number of order cancellations at the beginning of the third week in December.

Many companies have apparently suspended their advertising activities. Players said that, following the significant recovery in recent months, the current situation represented a bitter setback. More companies currently have their backs to the wall than even the pessimists had expected, EUWID was told.

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