Players expect containerboard prices to increase again in Poland

Price development for testliner III
12 Oct 2021 − 

The reccycled corrugated case material market in Poland calmed down a little over the summer. However, demand remains high and prices went up, with more hikes expected to come.

Things remained hectic on Poland's corrugated case material market in the third quarter of this year. Supply was not enough to fully meet strong demand from Poland's corrugated board industry, which enjoyed huge growth of more than 13 per cent in the first half of the year.

However, a variety of respondents noted that the situation had improved a little over the summer when demand for corrugated board packaging slowed a little for seasonal reasons and buyers were not ordering "as insanely". One key manufacturer told EUWID that the market became less overheated in August and even allowed his mill to build up inventories a little.

Demand was nevertheless strong enough to make prices climb. Prices for brown and white-top testliner became more expensive in the third quarter. Buyers and sellers settled on another hike for October and generally expect another increase to be announced for brown testliner and corrugating medium with effect from 1 November. This time around, it was the massive spike in energy costs rather than recovered paper costs forcing paper producers to charge more.

This article is an excerpt from EUWID's report on the containerboard paper market in Poland.

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