PM 1 at Burgo Avezzano still down

10 Jan 2012 − 

Paper machine PM 1 at Burgo's paper mill in Avezzano remains offline as 2012 begins. According to the trade union CGIL, the mill is offline for the ninth week in a row and it currently seems as if the restart might be pushed back by a few more weeks. Burgo says production on PM 1 is supposed to resume by the end of January.

Coated woodfree paper production on PM 1 was halted temporarily for 15 to 20 days in November due to depressed market conditions. However, a fatal accident that killed one person occurred when the plant was restarted in the early morning of 28 November. The magistrate's office in Avezzano subsequently ordered the paper machine to be shut down again in order to investigate the incident.
Avezzano paper mills employs more than 400 workers and runs two paper machines with the combined capacity of 270,000 tpy of CWF and one-side coated paper. Production on PM 2 is running as usual, Burgo says.

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