PM 3 at Sappi Alfeld up and running again

Sappi Alfeld Mill, Image courtesy of Sappi
Sappi Alfeld Mill, Image courtesy of Sappi
21 Jul 2020 − 

The PM 3 at Sappi Europe's Alfeld mill restarted operation on 20 July, ahead of the planned restart in the last week of July.

The machine and machine hall had been hit by a fire on 12 May, so production of the PM 3 had to be discontinued. The machine produces lightweight coated specialty papers. While the PM 3 in Alfeld was down, Sappi's Carmignano mill in Italy offered back-up services to Sappi's customers.

At the Alfeld mill, Sappi produces coated and uncoated specialty papers and bleached solid board (SBB) on five paper machines.

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