Pressure on softwood pulp prices continues in November

Paper mills continue efforts to push down pulp prices
Paper mills continue efforts to push down pulp prices
30 Nov 2021 − 

Amid a balanced market for softwood pulp and increasing costs for energy, transport and logistics, paper mills are continuing their efforts to push prices down.

Producers of northern bleached softwood kraft (NBSK) pulp report high operating levels. The market is currently well balanced, they add. However, customers are mounting pressure on pulp prices as they are faced with rising costs of logistics, energy and chemicals.

On the hardwood pulp front, there was again little price movement in November. Due to delivery delays at ports, stock levels are low, leaving little leeway to reduce prices, producers pointed out. 

The latest PPPC statistics show the extent to which worldwide pulp deliveries have shrunk. Deliveries receded between September and October, but only deliveries of bleached hardwood pulp recorded a decrease. For bleached softwood pulp, PPPC statistics indicate an increase. 

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