Price surge continues on recovered paper market in Germany

Recovered paper yard stuffed with sorted bales or mixed paper and board and old corrugated containers.
Ordinary recovered paper grades are in high demand across Europe.
17 Feb 2021 − 

Recovered paper grades Coloured letters and Multi printing buck upward trend with price dip in January.

Strong demand from the packaging paper segment, declining collection volumes and fears about future supply have led to another rise in recovered paper prices in Germany. After prices for the ordinary grades took a considerable hop in December and January, market participants say that another steep mark-up has occurred in February.

Prices for sorted graphic paper for deinking experienced a largest increase in January and also expected to jump considerably in February. Availability of this grades is largely limited, because some sorting facilities have been idled due to the decllining share of graphic paper in recovered paper streams and high prices for mixed paper.

By contrast, prices declined for the recovered paper grades coloured letters and multi printing declined in January.

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