Prices for SC paper in the UK set to increase

SC paper 56 g in £/t Nov 2013
Source: EUWID
10 Dec 2013 − 

Talks on the new contracts for magazine papers in the UK are still underway. Chances for a price increase for SC papers seem a "real issue", while price rises for LWC papers are more of a challenge.

The UK magazine paper market was still in the midst of talks about new contracts to apply from 1 January as the first week of December ended. Price increases for SC paper are a real issue, while higher prices are not yet apparent for LWC. SC-B is especially sought-after due to its closeness to newsprint, not only from paper-thirsty retailers. This state of affairs is keeping manufacturers' hopes alive that they will manage to push through at least part of the increase they want.

Raising prices is generally deemed to be more challenging in the case of LWC. These manufactures will have a hard time invoicing more, if they manage to do so at all. Prices are under pressure, although manufacturers insisted that they would not bow down.

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