Producers increase brown kraftliner prices in tight market in Italy

EUWID Price Watch Italy, price development for european unbleached kraftliner 175 g + until May 2017.
Source: EUWID
31 May 2017 − 

Corrugated board and products companies are paying more again for unbleached kraftliner in Italy. Market participants cite good demand and reduced supply as main reasons behind the continuing upward trend in brown kraftliner prices.

Unbleached kraftliner is strongly sought after on the market in Italy, but it remains in scant supply for a couple of months now. European and US suppliers of brown kraftliner have thus seized the moment and implemented additional hikes for deliveries as of May.

Brown kraftliner suppliers and converters believe that business will remain good over the next two months. Producers want to use this time to implement the announced price hike in full and charge even the most reticent customers the new prices.

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