Progroup to build four new corrugated board plants

Progroup will be able to produce much
more corrugated board in 2024
31 May 2021 − 

Progroup will expand its corrugated board capacities in Europe by almost 50 per cent. The company plans to erect four plants in different European countries.

Paper and packaging producer Progroup plans to build four new corrugated board plants in Europe by 2024. One of the plants is to be installed at the Stryków site in Poland. The company had reported at the beginning of the year that it would erect a new packaging plant there, scheduled to start up in the third quarter of next year.

The Douvrin plant in France will also see a new corrugator, which will have a working width of 3.35 m. Furthermore, additional growth projects in Germany and Italy are in the planning stage, the company told EUWID. However, it did not yet want to comment on the locations for these greenfield projects.

With these projects, Progroup says it will increase its corrugated board capacities in Germany, Italy, Poland and France by almost 50 per cent in only four years. The company will invest a total of €300m in this expansion.

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