Recycled containerboard prices in Italy up
despite plunging RCP prices

Price development for testliner III
28 Feb 2018 − 

Good demand and a tight market have led to prices increases for recycled corrugated case material in Italy. Upheaval on the market for ordinary recovered paper grades has curbed, but not averted price hikes.

Recycled corrugated case material manufacturers and converters agree when it comes to the state of the Italian market in February. Both sides are reporting brisk workloads and good order backlogs. Demand for corrugated board and thus for packaging paper has improved for weeks after a period of weakness between mid-December and mid-January and solidified at a high level. What is more, both producers and converters are tending to mention a tight market and surplus demand.

Manufacturers and converters also agree that Italy is going its own way once again when it comes to the trend in containerboard prices. Most manufacturers have announced a mark-up for deliveries from February onwards, but at most half of the envisaged sum has been effectively implemented to date, or sometimes not anything at all.

Market players in Italy explained this by pointing to the fragmented character of the Italian market. The sharp decline in recovered paper prices was mentioned by EUWID sources as another reason for the slow change in Italian paper prices.

This article is an excerpt from EUWID's monthly report on the paper markets in Italy. The EUWID Price Watch Italy for February will be published in EUWID Pulp and Paper 09/2018 on 28 February.

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