Recycled containerboard prices stabilise in Germany

Testliner III prices continued to rise until
November and are now starting to stabilise
07 Dec 2021 − 

Calm has been restored to price negotiations on Germany's recycled corrugated case material market in early December. Prices have stopped increasing and it does not look like they will do so in January, despite persistently strong demand.

Calm has descended on Germany's recycled corrugated case material market in early December. Just a few paper producers are apparently seeking additional hikes, while the vast majority of the market is keeping with the November prices.

Businesses do not expect any fresh announcements for January, either. Corrugated board companies want to accept paper between Christmas and New Year. Traditionally, paper mills tend to operate without a pause, which leads to inventory building at the start of the year. Despite the persistently strong demand for containerboard, some suppliers who are aware of this situation and want to reward guaranteed orders between Christmas and New Year by making small price concessions.


This article is an excerpt from EUWID's report on the corrugated case material market in Germany.

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