Recycled containerboard producers to charge higher prices in autumn

Producers are set to increase RCCM prices in Europe
as paper mills suffer from high input costs.
14 Oct 2021 − 

Higher prices are announced for deliveries as of mid-October or start of November due to rising costs of energy, chemicals and logistics.

If paper mills get their way, corrugated board and packaging producers in Europe will have to swallow another increase in recycled corrugated case material (RCCM) prices this autumn.

Italy’s Burgo group plans a 15 per cent price hike for November deliveries of all RCCM grades due to "continuosly und unpredictably rising input costs".

Hamburger Containerboard, a Prinzhorn holding company, says it is being forced to implement an additional price hike of €60/t for all brown RCCM grades and coated and uncoated white-top testliner from 1 November 2021 to offset increasing costs, especially for energy. 

German recycled corrugated case material producer Aviretta wil apply a €100/t energy surcharge from 18 October 2021. The company explained that energy and gas prices had risen strongly and were expected to remain on a high level.

Packaging paper producer Leipa has staged a two step price hike for its white-top testliner grades. According to the company a price hike of €40/ will be implemented in November, followed by another €50/t in December.

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