Red Leaf Pulp to build a straw pulp mill in Canada

Harvesting of wheat in summer
Regina pulp mill will process 290,000 t of waste straw to produce
182,000 tpy of pulp and 95,000 tpy of lignin per year.
02 Jun 2021 − 

The city of Regina in the province of Saskatchewan is to house "Canada's first non-wood pulp mill". The unbleached straw pulp is to be sold for customers in the paper and packaging industry.

Red Leaf Pulp plans to build first straw-based pulp mill in Canada. The company decided to locate its facility in Regina, Saskatchewan and reported to have secured properties on the west side of the city. Construction of the facility is scheduled to commence in early 2022, with commercial production commencing in 2023.

Red Leaf Pulp puts the capital cost for the pulp mill at approximately $350m. It would be funded by a combination of project debt, project equity, government funding and sponsors' equity, Red Leaf explained.

The Regina straw pulp mill will have the capacity to produce approximately 182,000 tpy of market pulp and create 110 permanent jobs. Waste wheat straw would be collected and aggregated from local producers, according to the company.

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