Resolute FP indefinitiely idles Augusta newsprint mill

Augusta, GA, newsprint mill; photo courtesy of Resolute Forest Products
19 Nov 2019 − 

Newsprint: Between January and September 2019 Resolute Forest Products has taken 124,000 t of downtime in a try to adjust output to receding demand.

Resolute Forest Products (Resolute FP) has indefinitely idled its Augusta newsprint mill in the US-state of Georgia. Operations had been standing still since early October. In mid-November the temporary shutdown status was altered in "indifinitely idled". "This difficult decision to proceed with the indefinite idling is driven by the significant ongoing decline in North American newsprint consumption," a company spokeswoman explained.

Augusta newsprint mill employs 160 people and runs one paper machine with a capacity of 215,000 tpy. According to the company's spokeswoman, the mill had already resorted to temporary market-related downtime for several weeks in 2019.

Local newspaper Augusta Chronicle is citing the company spokeswoman as saying that the likelihood for the plant being restarted anytime soon were slim, given the continued challenging market conditions in the newsprint segment.

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