Sappi announces further cost-driven price increases from February

03 Jan 2022 − 

Company urges EU, local governments and and authorities to structurally adress volatile energy markets.

Printing, writing and packagin paper manufacturer Sappi says it will further increase its sales prices due to the continuing escalation of energy costs. There will be prices increases of 10-25% depending on the product segment to be implemented by the beginning of February 2022 latest, on top of the increases already announced and implemented for January, the company announces. In addition, Sappi says it will review the viability of each asset and cannot rule out production stoppages if the situation demands.

Sappi explains that, in addition to already high cost increases for raw materials and transport, there is a continuing escalation of energy costs, presenting a challenge for Sappi and the whole industry. The company urges the European Union, local governments and authorities to structurally address the volatile energy markets.

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