Sluggish Q3 demand for cores and coreboard, prices soften on the market in Germany

Pile of cores at coreboard converters.
Recovered paper prices might play a decisive role
in negotiations on coreboard prices in Q4.
06 Oct 2020 − 

Downward trend in third quarter prices due to weak demand and low priced imports.

Business on the German market for cores and coreboard was rather weak over the summer. As of the end of the second quarter, business slowed more than usual and the industry started to feel the negative effects of the pandemic. This was especially noticeable in the business with cores for the graphic paper and the textile industry.

Against this background, coreboard prices on the German market were on a downward trend in the third quarter. The price pressure was reportedly emphasised by low priced imports. 

Following a period of weak demand between June and September, general demand for cores picked up again in the second half of September. EUWID respondents, however, could not tell if this was due to customer replenishing their stocks or if there was an true uptick in demand.

This article is part of our coverage on the core and coreboard markets in Germany and Intaly.

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