Södra Cell announces price hike for NBSK from 1 February

24 Jan 2020 − 

Pulp manufacturer Södra Cell announces that due to a shift in market balance it wants to increase NBSK prices from 1 February.

"Demand has remained strong over the holidays and into the new year. Södra Cell is performing well but we’re experiencing quite some strains in the overall supply chain, all the way from the forest to our customers. Consequently, we’re short-term dealing with several requests for extra volume. In addition, there is a global reduction of pulp capacity, both planned and unplanned, that is affecting the market balance. All in all, this creates an upward momentum on prices,” commented Henrik Wettergren, VP Södra Cell International.

Södra Cell's announcement may have come quicker than some market participants expected. In talks with EUWID in the middle of January, the majority among industry representatives did not anticipate rising prices before the end of February or early March, some even not before the beginning of the second quarter.

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