Some newsprint and magazine paper prices in France rise dramatically in October

Stack of Newspapers
Newsprint prices are expected to rise further across Europe
amid short supply and high manufacturing costs.
27 Oct 2021 − 

Turbulent publication paper market in France sees capacity closures, cost pressure, and rising prices.

Insiders describe the situation on the market for publication paper in France as unprecedented. Following the extensive capacity closures in the market over the past two years, order books are filling up for the remaining machines. And in a number of cases customers cannot currently get enough paper to carry out their work orders fully and punctually.

At the same time, paper producers say they have no choice but to quickly raise newsprint and magazine paper prices because of the exceptional cost situation and the ongoing low sales prices. In France, as in other European markets, even existing half-year contracts were subject to re-negotiations and price hikes or energy surcharges, and the average sales prices for October were significantly above September levels.

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