Stora Enso mulls temporary layoffs at Oulu and Veitsiluoto mills

Oulu pulp and woodfree coated paper mill in
Northern Finland; Photo courtesy of Stora Enso
03 Apr 2020 − 

Stora Enso to start co-determination process on temporary layoffs of 2,000 employees in Finland due to uncertainties arising from Coronavirus pandemic.

Stora Enso will start co-determination process on temporary layoffs of approximately 2,000 employees in Finland. The temporary layoffs cover a period of maximum 90 days in several short periods in 2020.

With these masures the company is reportedly preparing for potential operations downtime that might arise from the coronavirus pandemic. "These short-term uncertainties are related to constraints in resourcing of mill personnel, logistics and weakening demand," the company explained.

According to Stora Enso, the co-determination process covers the entire staff of the Oulu pulp and paper mill, and the Veitsiluoto pulp, paper and sawn timber facility in Kemi. In addition, co-determination negotiations were also initiated for aproximately 500 employees within the company's wood supply organisation, Stora Enso explained.

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