Stora Enso to explore bio-plastics production at Langerbrugge mill

10 Dec 2019 − 

Stora Enso is looking into the production of new bio-based barrier materials for food and beverage packaging applications.

Stora Enso will invest €9m to build a pilot plant for the production of bio-based plastics at the company's publication paper mill Langerbrugge mill, Belgium.

The pilot facility will reportedly convert plant-based sugars into the renewable building block required to make polyethylene furanoate (PEF), a bio-based plastic with "attractive barrier, mechanical and thermal properties." The project will be developed by the company's Biomaterials division and is mainly targeting customers in the food and beverage industry.

According to Stora Enso, the pilot facility will initially use industrially available fructose to produce high-value chemicals and materials for application testing. The company's intention was to run the process on sugars extracted from wood and other non-food biomasses in future, Stora Enso said.

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