Summer discounts gain a foothold on the UK containerboard market

Price development for testliner II
22 Sep 2020 − 

Recycled containerboard prices in the UK have been under pressure recently due to discounts granted in the summer. However, prices in September were stable, with suppliers seeing an improvement in demand.

Demand for corrugated case material (CCM) and corrugated board packaging has been on the rise again since September in the UK after a pretty calm summer. "In terms of sales volumes, we will not end up any worse than 2019 as things currently stand," one CCM supplier felt.

Converters are more sceptical about developments and paint a picture of stable demand. "We are still seeing a great deal of volatility in our order books," one packaging manufacturer reported.

Price cuts for unbleached recycled corrugated case material that non-British suppliers had been offering as summer discounts since July have taken hold on the UK market. Nonetheless, EUWID sources stressed that British suppliers had not followed in their footsteps. "We believe that stable prices are a better choice for all market players," one converter commented.

This article is an excerpt from EUWID's monthly report on the paper markets in the UK.

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