Tissue demand in Germany still far from normal levels

Demand for sanitary and houseld paper picked up as of lately
due to increased touristic activities and events.
09 Nov 2021 − 

Producers of sanitary paper on the German market feel they are having a tough time.

Demand on the German markt for sanitary paper has improved somewhat over the summer, especially from the Away-from-Home segments. However, demand is said to be still far from normal levels.

What is more, the sanitary paper industry is feeling the pinch from several challenges right now. Raw materials are difficult to source and prices for pulp and recovered paper remain extremely high. There are also dramatic cost increases for chemicals, packaging, transport and energy.

Now, the industry is looking for ways to increase its sales prices and pass on the cost pressure to the customers. But, price negotiatons in Germany are apparently moving only slowly. Some EUWID sources reported tough negotiations, especially where major discount retail chains are involved.

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