UK paper and board industry still operational

Houses of Parliament, Westminster, UK
Houses of Parliament, Westminster, UK
23 Mar 2020 − 

The paper and board industry in the UK has so far been hit much less  by the Coronavirus crisis than France or Italy.

EUWID led a brief mail interview with Andrew Large, Director General of the Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI) in the UK.

Mr Large, what are the main challenges for the UK paper industry in the current situation?

Ensuring the availability of critical workers in sectors such as tissue and food packaging, ensuring cashflow support for businesses that do have difficulties and ensuring that regulations are adapted quickly to be appropriate for the new circumstances. For example, competitors should be able to collaborate if necessary to ensure that supermarket shelves remain stacked.

Do you already see some strains on the supply chains? 

So far, the industry seems to be coping well.

Have some mills or converters already announced to close? 


Do you expect that mills and converters' plants to be closing down?

I have no evidence that this will be necessary. We remain in close contact with our members and will support them in any way we can over the coming weeks and months.

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