UK unveils emergency no-deal Brexit plan to slash tariffs

13 Mar 2019 − 

The UK will axe the vast majority of tariffs on imports to the UK under a no-deal Brexit, at least temporarily, the British government confirmed today according to British media reports.

The plans were unveiled just hours after Theresa May's Brexit deal was again defeated in the House of Commons and as MPs prepared to vote on whether or not to back leaving the EU without a deal. This vote will take place today.

Under the proposals to help Britain cope with a no-deal Brexit, 87 per cent of all imports to Britain by value will be eligible for zero-tariff access - up from 80 per cent at present. Tariffs will continue to apply to certain goods including beef, lamb, pork, poultry and some dairy products to support British farmers and producers who have historically been protected through high EU tariffs.

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