UPM negotiating on Albbruck and Stracel

25 Oct 2011 − 

UPM is conducting negotiations on the future of its Albbruck and Stracel facilities. Company spokesmen told EUWID that the Scandinavian group is continuing to pursue its current objective of closing the German plant and selling the French one. UPM is nevertheless open to negotiation with regard to the Albbruck mill. The potential investor is to convince UPM of the economic viability of its concept by 26 November. UPM said it is considerably more open to selling the French Stracel mill than the Albbruck facility. The negotiating process is already underway, albeit still at an early stage. UPM declined to comment on which sector the potential buyers come from. The group has several options to choose from, the spokesman said. Market ex-perts are working from the assumption that interested parties negotiating with UPM are involved in manufacturing packaging paper or board.

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