UPM plans to cut another 51 positions in Europe

UPM will reduce staff in Finland, Germany and Austria
15 Apr 2021 − 

UPM is continuing to streamline its operations. The company will start talks on the elimination of up to 51 jobs in Finland, Germany and Austria.

In an effort to reduce costs and improve competitiveness, UPM has announced plans to reduce workforce in Europe. The company aims to increase efficiency of its global functions by reorganising and streamlining its operations in Finland, Germany and Austria. If implemented, the measures would decrease the number of employments in the functions by up to 51, according to the company.

UPM will start employee consultations according to national practises. Final decisions on the job cuts will be made after these talks have been concluded in each country.

UPM had already streamlined its operations last year in order to decrease fixed and variable costs in different businesses and functions. In December, the group announced around 200 job cuts to be implemented in the Pulp, Forest and Global Functions segments. Workforce in the Timber division is being reduced as well. At the end of March, UPM announced that 43 positions will be eliminated in this sector.

In August 2020, UPM had presented restructuring plans, which were said to involve a total reduction of up to 840 jobs in the publication paper, pulp, forest, specialty paper and global functions segments.

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