UPM to commence recycling for paper based release liners

UPM will recycle release liners at its Platting mill in Germany in the future.
(Source: UPM)
28 Mar 2012 − 

UPM will recycle release liners at its Platting mill in Germany in the future. The company had already developed a similar concept with Vertaris in April 2011 before the French company went into receivership.

UPM has developed a new in-house solution for recycling paper based release liner back into pulp and paper. The company said the used release paper would be recycled at the deinking plant of its Platting mill in Germany. At the UPM facility, the liner is to be de-siliconised and processed into pulp to be used as raw material for the company's paper products.

UPM said the new concept was part of its efforts to minimise solid waste and maximise the reuse of raw materials. The paper manufacturer currently uses four million tonnes of recovered paper per year.

In April 2011, UPM had announced to develop a release liner recycling concept in Europe in cooperation with French recycled pulp manufacturer Vertaris. At that time, the companies said Vertaris would prepare used release paper at its Voreppe site for UPM Raflatac and produce recycled fibre pulp which would be subsequently used to produce recycled paper at UPM mills.

Vertaris has filed for insolvency in October 2011 and has since been in receivership. The company is currently seeking for an investor in order to resume production of deinked market pulp.

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