Virginal Paper starts production

27 Aug 2018 − 

Formerly known as Idempapers, Virginal Paper has now started production of specialty papers again. Only one of the two machines is currently running.

Belgian company Virginal Paper - formerly Idempapers - has started operating after an idle period of more than a year. Virginal Paper informed that production of speciality paper had started at the mill in Virginal-Samme in mid-August. The company, which has been insolvent since June last year, was acquired by a Norwegian-Swedish investor group in collaboration with the Walloon regional government. Terje Haglund is CEO of the newly founded company (see separate interview).

Virginal Paper wants to ride the wave of growing demand for food labels and packaging products. The company sticks to most of the mill's former products portfolio and will continue to produce speciality paper for different applications such as for labels and flexible packaging. The company will not produce carbonless paper for the moment but says it may include the product into its portfolio later.

Virginal Paper has started-up only one of the site's two machines for the time being. According to the Mr Haglund, PM 4 has a capacity of 120,000 tpy. The company will reportedly start producing around 30,000 tpy and scale up capacity gradually in the coming months. The capacity of PM 3 is put at 50,000 tpy. The machine is currently idle but may be restarted later.


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