West Rock's Florence mill resumes production on kraftliner machines

20 Sep 2018 − 

No substantial physical damage at the company's facilities

North American paper, board and packaging company West Rock Company says it is working to restore normal operations at its facilities in the region impacted by Hurricane Florence. "We idled our kraft linerboard mill in Florence, South Carolina, in the middle of last week in advance of the landfall of Hurricane Florence. Yesterday, two of the three paper machines at the mill resumed operations, and we expect normal operations to resume after the transportation network in the region returns to normal", the company said in a press release on 18 September.

West Rock said it had no reported employee injuries and did not believe it had suffered any material physical damage to its facilities during the recent storm. The company operates an extensive network of mill and converting facilities in South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia that were in the storm’s potential path.

However, West Rock incurred "incremental costs in preparing these facilities and moving inventory, finished product and critical supplies in advance of the storm."  "With flooding expected across the region, we may have additional increased input and operational costs and issues in our supply chain, as well as experience negative impact from disruptions at our customers’ locations. We expect to provide an estimate as to the impact on our business and financial results later this month., the company explained.

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