US keeps antidumping and countervailing duties on coated paper imports from China and Indonesia

07 Dec 2016 − USITC determined that material injury to the domestic industry was likely to continue or recur after revocation of the existing ADD and CVD orders. » more


GC suppliers willing to compromise on pricing next year in Germany

06 Dec 2016 − The new folding boxboard capacities are having a noticeable impact and causing producers to be more willing to compromise on next year's pricing in Germany.» more

Graphic paper prices under pressure in Poland

06 Dec 2016 − Amid shrinking demand for woodfree coated papers in Poland, prices have eroded month on month in the second half of the year.» more

Schumacher Packaging to spend €100m on
recycled containerboard capacity expansion in Poland

05 Dec 2016 − Schumacher Packaging has acquired the entire Fabryka Papieru Myszków site and will rebuild the former newsprint PM to recycled containerboard production, startup scheduled for 2019. » more


Titanium dioxide prices continue their upward spiral

01 Dec 2016 − Titanium dioxide manufacturers are pushing for additional price hikes for deliveries in the first quarter of 2017, due to inflationary pressures associated with raw material costs. » more

Producers aim for SC paper price hike in France

30 Nov 2016 − SC paper might become a little more expensive in France if producers get their way. Good demand and capacity closures in Europe could support their plans.» more

Italy: brown recycled containerboard prices continue on a downward spiral in November

29 Nov 2016 − With sales prices going down and recovered paper price remaining high in November, paper mills are becoming more and more worried about their profitability.» more