No prices change for recycled CCM in Germany at the beginning of June

07 Jun 2016 − Price for recycled CCM in Germany have remained unchanged at the beginning of June and will be valid for this month.» more

Ordinay RCP grades in Poland resist upward price trend seen in Germany

07 Jun 2016 − In contrast to the markets in Germany and other European countries, in the past two months there were no notable market-wide price increases for the common grades in Poland.» more

Stora Enso to close and divest Suzhou paper mill

06 Jun 2016 − Stora Enso has signed an agreement to divest the key assets of its Suzhou Mill in China for approximately €240 million. » more

Last potential investor for Walsum mill quits takeover talks

03 Jun 2016 − The last potential investor for the Walsum publication paper mill in Germany pulled out of takeover talks this week.» more


Stora Enso to sell Kabel magazine paper mill in Germany

01 Jun 2016 − Kabel LWC and MWC paper mill is to be sold to a group of German investors, including Kübler and Niethammer Papierfabrik. » more

Suppliers announce new increase for softwood pulp in Western Europe

31 May 2016 − Although the implementation of the April hike for softwood pulp was still underway in May, suppliers announced new increases.» more