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Ahlstrom starts wallcovering substrate production in China

03 Jun 2014 − Ahlstrom has inaugurated a new wallcovering substrates production line at its Binzhou mill in China. » more


China confirms AD duties on dissolving pulp

07 Apr 2014 − China continues with anti-dumping measures on dissolving pulp imports from Brazil, Canada and the USA.» more

China calling for more outdated pulp and paper machines to close by year's end

14 Nov 2013 − China will remove more outdated pulp and paper capacity from the Chinese market in order to advance economic restructuring. Around 300 companies are requested to close down obsolete machines.» more

SCA bids for Chinese tissue giant Vinda

09 Sep 2013 − SCA ready to pay HKD11.0 per share for each of the 782 million Vinda shares it does not already own. Vinda to remain listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.» more