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Pro-Gest makes winning bid in auction for recycling plant

09 Mar 2016 − Italian integrated packaging manufacturer Pro-Gest made the winning bid in the auction for Levio Loris’ Badia Polesine recycling plant» more


Pro-Gest orders packaging paper machine for Mantua mill

15 Feb 2016 − Pro-Gest walks the talk. The packaging group presses ahead with the restart of the Mantua mill and ordered a packaging paper machine with a net capacity of 500,000 tpy. » more

Palm submits offer to acquire Ondulati Giusti in Italy

03 Feb 2016 − Who will become the new owner of corrugated packaging firm Ondulati Giusti? Sources say that Palm submitted a takeover offer. However, Italy's biggest packaging group Pro-Gest has a pre-emption right. » more

Burgo exploring opportunities for PM 2 in Duino

30 Nov 2015 − Burgo is currently discussing the future of the PM 2 of its Duino mill with employee representatives. The conversion of the machine to packaging paper is one of the options the company is considering.» more