Gemdoubs plans containerboard capacity expansion measures in France

20 Feb 2019 − Recycled containerboard capacities at Gemdoubs' mill in Novillars will increase. The company is planning investments at the existing machine.» more


Titanium dioxide prices continue to slip on the market in Europe

19 Feb 2019 − The first quarter of 2019 has brought another decline in titanium dioxide prices in Europe. Prices for simple TiO2 pigments, however, are said to be more susceptible to price reductions than rutile TiO2 grades used in...» more

Pressure on coreboard prices rises in Germany

19 Feb 2019 − The supply situation for coreboard has markedly eased in Germany. However, German manufacturers claim they have not yet acceded to their customers' demands for price cuts. » more

New greenfield containerboard mill to be built in China

18 Feb 2019 − The idling of obsolete paper machines in China which no longer met environmental standards in the last years makes space for new investments. Shangrao City Lulin Paper will build a 700,000 tpy containerboard mill in the...» more

UPM Biorefining names new executive vice president

18 Feb 2019 − Bernd Eikens has been appointed executive vice president responsible for UPM Biorefining as of 1 March 2019. » more

Rottneros completes pulp capacity expansion

15 Feb 2019 − Conditions are now met for Rottneros to produce more pulp. The company finalised a long-term capacity expansion programme. » more


Barcelona's cartonboard now sold by RDM's marketing organisation

15 Feb 2019 − After finalisation of the takeover of Barcelona Cartonboard in November 2018, Reno de Medici (RDM) will now sell the company's paperboard via its own marketing organisation in all European markets except for Portugal....» more

PM 2 at Burgo Duino could be ready for start-up next year

14 Feb 2019 − The latest developments concerning Burgo's Duino mill suggest that the conversion of PM 2 to the production of coreboard will be realised. If the next steps are put into practise as planned, the rebuild might be...» more

Sappi finalises rebuild of PM 9 at its Gratkorn mill

13 Feb 2019 − Sappi's rebuild at the Gratkorn mill follows an upgrade of PM 11 in 2014 and an overhaul of the recovery plant in 2015.» more