Rottneros completes pulp capacity expansion

15 Feb 2019 − Conditions are now met for Rottneros to produce more pulp. The company finalised a long-term capacity expansion programme. » more


Barcelona's cartonboard now sold by RDM's marketing organisation

15 Feb 2019 − After finalisation of the take-over of Barcelona Cartonboard in November 2018, RDM Group will now sell the company's paperboard via its own marketing organisation in all European markets except for Portugal. In Spain...» more

PM 2 at Burgo Duino could be ready for start-up next year

14 Feb 2019 − The latest developments concerning Burgo's Duino mill suggest that the conversion of PM 2 to the production of coreboard will be realised. If the next steps are put into practise as planned, the rebuild might be...» more

Greif's takeover of Caraustar completed

13 Feb 2019 − A big deal on the global packaging market has now been finalised. Greif and Caraustar have become one entity. » more


After a year of stalemate, prices for label papers are rising in Germany

12 Feb 2019 − Label paper suppliers were able to increase prices for 2019 in Germany after long-term contracts prevented them from handing on higher pulp costs to their customers in 2018.» more

GC board prices edge up on the market in Poland

11 Feb 2019 − Manufacturers pushed hard to increase prices and improve their profit margins in the GC board business.» more

Husum disruption and weak Chinese pulp market weigh on Metsä Board's 4Q deliveries

11 Feb 2019 − Metsä Board's fourth quarter sales, operating profit and net income continued to be higher than in the fourth quarter 2017. Deliveries of cartonboard, kraftliner and pulp, on the other hand, were lower than in the...» more