Fibre Excellence starts installing new biomass turbine

24 Sep 2021 − A new beginning for Fibre Excellence's pulp in Tarascon: After the takeover by Paper Excellence, the company has changed its name and kicked off its modernisation.» more


Baden Board files for insolvency as Fiskeby withdraws from deal

24 Sep 2021 − The withdrawal of Fiskeby as an investor and the massive rise in gas prices have forced Baden Board to file for insolvency again.» more

Malaysian body SIRIM simplifies inspection process for waste imports from approved MRFs

22 Sep 2021 − Malaysia wants to introduce inspections for waste imports. Inspection body SIRIM now offers alternatives to simplify the process.» more


Optigroup takes over Koemans Verpakkingen

16 Sep 2021 − Koemans Verpakkingen is Optigroup's second acquistion in the packaging business in the Netherlands.» more