Billerud looking for new CEO after Michalski leaves


Bilerud's CFO Ivar Vatne will step in as acting CEO until new CEO is found.

At the end of July the Board of Directors of Swedish packaging paper and board company Billerud announced that the company’s President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Christoph Michalski left the company with immediate effect. Michalski had held the position of CEO since November 2020. According to Billerud, he laid the foundation for a future Norwegian BCTMP factory in close cooperation with Viken Skog, and completed the strategically vital acquisition of Verso in North America.

Ivar Vatne, the company's Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Billerud's deputy CEO, was appointed as acting CEO of Billerud. Mr Vatne joined the company as CFO in May 2019 and had also been deputy CEO since October 2022. The recruitment of a new CEO is ongoing.

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