Mitsubishi Hitec Paper to close one coating line and axe 50 jobs at Bielefeld mill

Mitsubishi Hitec Paper Europe, subsidiary of Japanese Mitsubishi Paper Mills group, is continuing with the restructuring of operations in Germany amidst weak demand and receding business performance.

Following the recent divestment of the Flensburg paper mill to Quantum Capital Partners, Mitsubishi Hitec Paper will also restructure and downsize operations at the Bielefeld mill in Germany. According to trade union sources, the company decided to close one coating line and cut about 50 out of 488 jobs at the Bielefeld mill.

The results of the negoatitions on the social plan and reconciliation of interests were already presented at a works meeting. The job cuts would be performed in as socially acceptable a way as possible, the employee representatives informed.

As regards the future of the Bielefeld site, which can produce thermal paper, label paper, carbonless copy paper and speciality paper, questions about the product portfolio and job security for the remaining 430 or so employees are still open, the trade union criticises, demanding a job security agreement.

Previously, the union side feared a more severe reduction in jobs and capacity in Bielefeld. According to EUWID information, the permanent closure of one of the two paper machines had been questioned here. Together with the closure of one coating line, cuts in paper production capacity would have resulted in reduction a reduction of up to 150 positions, trade union sources said.

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