Official start-up of Norske Skog Bruck

On 23 June, Norske Skog officially started up PM 3 at the Bruck mill in Austria after finalising the rebuild.

The paper machine was converted from newsprint to containerboard production for a total capex of €120m. It converts 650 tpd of recycled fibre to 600 tpd of containerboard.

Paper from the machine was already introduced to the market at the end of May.

The waste heat from production will supply the district heating system of the city of Bruck an der Mur.

"The Bruck PM 3 plays a vital role in our plans to introduce 760,000 tonnes of containerboard capacity to meet the growing demand for renewable packaging, and supporting Europe in its need to replace fossil-based packaging material. It was great to be in Bruck today and to share this milestone with everyone here", said Norske Skog CEO Tore Hansesætre.

Please find out more about the official opening here.





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