Production at RFP’s Menominee recycled kraft pulp mill down after fire

Resolute Forest Products does not expect production to resume in October.

Production at Resolute Forest Products' Menominee recycled kraft pulp mill in the US-state of Michigan is down following a major fire that hit the site two weeks ago. The fire broke out on 6 October at the warehouse where recovered paper bales are stored.

It took great effort to bring the fire under control and the fire continued to burn for a couple of more days, according to local and regional authorities. No fatalities or injuries were reported.

The recovered paper warehouse, a space which RFP leases from a third party, and adjacent offices have been completely destroyed by the blaze. The damage to the recycled pulp mill, however seems rather limited. It appears that "the separate core pulp manufacturing area has not been significantly impacted," a company spokesperson commented. Nevertheless, production was not expected to resume in Octobre, the company spokesperson added.  

The Menominee mill operates one fibre line with a production capacity of 170,000 tpy of bleached recycled kraft pulp. The site employs 100 people.

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