Solidus Solutions to reduce solid board output from August

Dutch solid board manufacturer Solidus Solutions is reacting to high costs and reduced demand for its products. The company announced it would curb its solid board output by 10 per cent from August until further notice. The company has a total capacity of 350,000 tpy of solid board at its five plants.

Solidus' CEO Dieter Bergner explained: "Continued increases in inflation have led to an increase in almost all of input materials and service costs. Combined with challenges in demand, we decided to adjust our mill production capacity for solid board sheets and reels until further notice. This will aim to reduce inventories and support the implementation of a make-to-order group business policy.”

Solid board prices set to rise from mid-August

At the same time, Solidus has also announced a price increase. As from 15 August, the company wants to charge 8-10 per cent more for products from its solid board portfolio, passing on higher costs. Solidus said it would continue to work with a temporary energy surcharge for solid board sheets and reels based on the natural Dutch gas index TTF. Price adjustments are made in accordance with the energy surcharge mechanism and updated on a monthly basis.

Solidus Solutions is a producer of solid board and solid board packaging for food and beverage, consumer goods and industrial applications. The company operates 5 board plants and 11 packaging sites in different European countries and employs over 1,000 people.  

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