Stora Enso invests in Enocell pulp mill


Stora Enso will invest €10m at its Enocell pulp mill in Finland to replace fossil-based heavy fuel oil with renewable pitch oil.

This will reduce the environmental impact of the operations and help reaching the target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Measures will start immediately and are scheduled to be finalised by the end of 2023.

Currently, the main energy sources for Enocell pulp mill are renewable black liquor, bark, and saw dust powder, but fossil-based heavy fuel oil is needed when the pulp mill is started up after maintenance stops or production disturbances. By replacing heavy fuel oil with pitch oil that is made from trees, Enocell pulp mill aims at becoming a site running 100 per cent on bio-energy and, thus, reduce its fossil carbon emissions by almost 70,000 tpy.

Pitch oil is a pine-based, fossil-free oil that is a by-product of refined tall oil. The investment scope at the Enocell site includes a pitch oil tank, foundations and a leaking basin, a pumping house with pumps, an unloading station, new pipelines, heaters, and automation.

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