Decor paper prices stable, demand remains sluggish



Prices for decor paper in Central Europe have shown little change during the past few weeks, although demand remained sluggish. Only prices in exports to outside Europe have been cut in some instances.

During the month of May and June demand for decor paper in Central Europe languished at the low level reached in April. Decor paper producers reported that order intake and sales volumes remained weak, order backlogs and lead times exceeded a single colour cycle in just a few cases. A number of decor paper manufacturers had already shortened their colour cycles to around four weeks in March and April. As a result, brief stoppages took place beyond significantly expanded market-related shutdowns in the second quarter.

Decor paper prices have shown minimal changes over recent weeks despite the renewed drop in demand in the second quarter and ensuing capacity utilisation problems. Substantial price cuts are being contained to just a few markets, notably Turkey and Asia. European buyers have little interest in paying less for decor paper, as they fear ramifications for their own sales prices, market insiders report.



⇒ This article in an excerpt from EUWID's report on the decor paper market published in EUWID Pulp and Paper no. 26 on 27 June.

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