Double A's Alizay mill up and running


About four months after the takeover by Thai company Double A, the Alizay mill in France has started test runs. Full activity is expected to commence in the fourth quarter this year.

Double A has restarted production at the Alizay fine paper mill in Northern France. The company communicated today that the first paper roll had been produced. A spokesman explained that production was currently in a test phase and would be increased step by step. The paper manufacturer plans to start full activity on the French market as from the fourth quarter this year.

"The Alizay mill will be the foundation for our expansion in Europe", said Thirawit Leetavorn, Double A's Senior Executive Vice President, adding that the company would be focussing on the production of its Double A brand.

The Alizay mill has an annual production capacity of 300,000 t of uncoated woodfree paper. Double A said it would produce the paper brands Double A, Smart Copy, Hi-Plus and Smartist. The company will use its own hardwood pulp from Thailand for production, the KHAN-NA brand. In February this year, Double A had also announced it would continue producing recycled paper in Alizay and bring back the Evolve brand.

Double A did not give details on the number of employees in Alizay, but local media report that 150 persons have been hired. Further engagements should follow. The Thai company had announced at the beginning of the year that it would employ 200 people at the site.

Paper production in Alizay had been permanently standing still since early 2012 when Metsä Board shut down the mill. At the end of January this year, Double A acquired parts of the site for €18m. The French department of Eure acted as a mediator between the two paper manufacturers. It had acquired the mill in its entirety for €22.2m and simultaneously resold the properties and assets needed to restart paper activities to Double A.

Double A has its headquarters in Prachinburi, Thailand. The company has two pulp mills with a combined capacity of 580,000 tpy and three paper mills which can produce 600,000 tpy of printing and writing paper in Thailand.

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