Lecta reports temporary production restart at Cartiere del Garda


Italy's coronavirus crisis is not leaving Lecta's operations unscathed: Polyedra reduces activities to minimum, Garda paper mill to stop PM again mid-week.

Operations have resumed at Italy's fine paper producer Cartiere del Garda, but only for a limited time. The company's Spanish parent Lecta group announced that production of woodfree coated paper was restarted on 26 March after a seven-day paper machine downtime, but the paper machine would go offline again on 3 April.After 3 April, only self-adhesive operations and certain areas in the finishing department will continue operating, a Lecta spokesman told EUWID.

Polyedra scales back operations

The coronavirus crisis is also affecting activities at the Italian paper merchant, Polyedra, another Lecta group subsidiary. Polyedra reduced its operations to a minumum and applied for Italy's wage guarantee fund cassa integrazione guadagni in deroga, initially for the period from 30 March until 3 April, the company spokesperson explained.

Lecta said it would make further decisions on the activities at Cartiere del Garda and Polyedra based on the market situation and the development of the pandemic.

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