Q4 price hikes for titanium dioxide partially implemented


The supply situation had improved on the titanium dioxide market in recent months due to excess production and slower demand. Better supply resulted in titanium dioxide producers having difficulties in raising their prices by around €500 per tonne for deliveries as of September. Mark-ups could only be implemented with delay and had to be split into several instalments in many cases. The first hikes often did not take effect until October, with other instalments to follow for deliveries from the start of November or the start of December.

Price increases for the first quarter of 2012 have not been announced so far. Yet several companies are said to be preparing for additional mark-ups and have sometimes already given their customers advance notice. Under current plans, could be increased by €200-300 per tonne in order to compensate for cost hikes for rutile and ilmenite ores expected from the start of 2012.

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