Recovered paper prices in France take first step back


Paper producers in France feel that availability of the ordinary recovered paper grades has improved somewhat. Prices therefore declined in November.

Even as paper producers are fighting enormous cost increases in several areas at the moment, there was some relief on the raw material front in November. Prices for the ordinary recovered paper grades on the French market took a first step back in November.
EUWID respondents reported that demand for these grades was still high with recycled containerboard producers having full order books. That said, there was little activity on the Far East export market, leaving more recovered paper on the domestic market. Moreover, November is generally a good month for collections and incoming volumes had reportedly increased a little.
The current easing of recovered paper prices is not necessarily the beginning of a larger downswing. Quite a few market players do not think that prices will slip further in December but rather expect stable prices. Others, however, argued that market conditions supported additional decreases.

This article is an excerpt from EUWID's report on the recovered paper market in France.

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