Recycled corrugated case material prices drop further in Germany


There are no signs of a rebound in demand for recycled corrugated case material in Germany. Prices on the German market have therefore declined again in March.

After an overly subdued start to the year, the market for recycled corrugated case material in Germany had not yet picked up by early March. Although companies had not been expecting a complete turnaround by the end of the first quarter, they did hope that demand would bounce back somewhat as inventories were drawn down. But owing to sluggish consumer spending, which hampers destocking efforts, demand remains weak. Paper factories are still operating with curtailed output, which can sometimes take the form of extended maintenance work.

Suppliers are still trying to use the export market as an outlet valve, but prices there are not really sufficient either, EUWID was told. Paper mills are therefore exposed to ongoing downward price pressure, with prices falling again in March. The warehouses were simply too full, market players explained.

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