Weak demand and lower spot prices on Italy's newsprint market


Newsprint suppliers are suffering from weak demand and are reportedly prepared to make concessions in deals with Italian customers. Prices in Italy have moved downwards here and there.

The price cuts at the mid-year point created only a temporary calm on the newsprint market in Italy. In August and September, players from both sides of the market were already reporting continuous price pressure and new mark-downs for standard newsprint and improved grades.

EUWID respondents expect that the lower prices will find their way into the contract prices, although this might occur only in quarterly agreements or entirely new deals.

Players on the Italian newsprint market say the main reason for the continued price pressure is the sharp drop in demand. In 2018, European producers sold approximately 500,000 t less newsprint in Europe. A further complicating factor for suppliers is the sluggish trend on the export market, where slightly more paper is being sold in recent months, but sometimes at extremely unfavourable prices.

This article is an excerpt from EUWID's monthly report on the paper markets in Italy.

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