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UK: Recovered paper prices soar while demand for graphic paper collapses

28 Apr 2020 − Demands of corrugated case material producers for higher prices are meeting with resistance from buyers.» more


Fine paper demand in France plummeting

21 Apr 2020 − There are signs of much slower business as a result of the pandemic in France’s woodfree coated and uncoated paper markets. Prices in April were stable, but pressure is rising.» more

Fedrigoni curbs paper output as virus dampens demand

21 Apr 2020 − Pressure sensitive labels business not negatively affected by coronavirus crisis. Self-adhesive materials in high demand.» more

Sappi Europe to temporary halt PM 7 at Lanaken paper mill

16 Apr 2020 − Sappi will suspend production on one paper machine at the Lanaken coated woodfree and magazine paper mill in order to adapt output to falling demand.» more